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  • Lead Free Solder
  • Lead Free SolderUsed for welding electronic components, computer accessories, copper plate, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS), TV, radio components and other metal equipment.the lead free solder meets increasing demands for environmental protection around...
  • Lead Solder
  • Lead SolderOur lead solder wire and solder bar is made from 100% pure tin. The tin lead solder wire and bar can be commonly used for soldering various metallic materials, such as electronic components, computers, copper plates, PCB, and some others....
  • Soldering Wire Tube
  • Soldering Wire TubeThis corrosion resistance tin wire also enjoys fast smelting speed and good fluidity. Lichuang soldering wire tube features little smoke, little pungent odor, few residues and high insulation resistance.The wire can prevent welding joint ...
  • Aluminum Welding Solder
  • Aluminum Welding SolderAluminum alloy material, light weight high strength and quality. Mainly for manual welding process MIG welding (metal inert gas welding) and automatic MIG welding, parent material, wire, shielding gas, welding equipment....
  • Solder Iron Tip Tinner
  • Solder Iron Tip TinnerAt present, there is no better way to prevent solder tip from oxidation except make a prompt replacement. But that is not economical and somehow wastes resources. After years of research and investigation, Lichuang launches solder tip tin...
Lichuang Electronic Technology

Lichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise. The company mainly exports solder wire, solder bar, BGA solder ball, tin pen, stainless special solder wire, aluminum welding wire, etc. They are widely used in the electronics, PCB manufacturing, SMT electronic assembly, electroplating, photovoltaic, and spacecraft manufacturing industries.

Copper clad aluminum and aluminum to aluminum cored solder and solder ring are specially designed for copper clad aluminum composition tube and aluminum tube.

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