Bi58Sn42 Sn Bi Solder Bar

Bi58Sn42 Sn Bi Solder Bar


Sn-Bi solder bar or solder stick is a kind of soldering applicable in electronic and electrical products, such as TV set, radio, radio transponder, instrument and calculator and others.

Specifications of Bi58Sn42 Solder Alloy

Model No.


Melting Point


Working Temperature

179℃ to180℃

Flux Content

2.0% to 2.2%

Standard Diameter


Wire DiameterRange Offered by Lichuang

0.5 mm to3.0 mm

Packing Weight



1.Sn-Bi solder bar has characteristics of fast melting speed, good fluidity and high insulation resistance.

2. Soldering flux spatter phenomenon is seldom during soldering.

3. Soldering flux is evenly distributed with good continuity.

4. Little smoke and smelly gas is generated during soldering.

5.This kind of solder stick can inhibit the cracking of solder joints, copper corrosion and the growth of interface alloy layer.

6.Little soldering slag is produced, saving effort to clean the solder bar.

7.The soldering joint is with smooth surface.

8.Our Sn-Bi solder bars have passed certificate of SGS.

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