Electronic Chemicals

Electronic Chemicals

Electronic Chemicals Products

1. Cleaning Solvent for Soldering

2. Soldering Flux

1) Tin Coating Soldering Flux

2) Lead-free Water-Soluble Soldering Flux

3) Lead-Free Soldering Flux

3. Flux Thinner 

With our own R&D center, we are engaged in the production and sales of metal materials for electronic soldering and electronic chemicals. We have attained ISO9001:2000 authentication. Since our establishment in mainland China in 1994, we have been attached great importance to R&D and quality control. With the help of a great number of technicians and management personnel, we have set up strict management system and comprehensive quality control system.

We are happy to cooperate with you to step into a new era in microelectronics oriented by the market with an aim to environmental protection.

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