High Temperature Alloy Solder

High Temperature Alloy Solder


High temperature alloy solder usually works in bad environment, which requires many aspects should meet strict conditions. For example, the solder should be qualified for high heating and hardly be negatively affected; besides, the soldered joint should meets demands for thermal treatment after welding. As professional tin-based alloy manufacturer, we provide various solder bars/wires made from Sn-Sb alloy (Sn95Sb5), Sn-Cu alloy (Sn97Cu3, Sn99.3Cu0.7, Sn99.3Cu0.7), Sn-Cu-Ag alloy (Sn92Cu6Ag2, Sn99Cu0.7Ag0.3) and Sn-Ag alloy (Sn95Ag5).


1. Our high temperature alloy solder shows excellent performance in flux, melting rate, and flowability.

2. Flux is uniformly distributed and of good continuity.

3. Few smoke and gas generates.

4. With strong resistance to high heat, it can remain flossy silver surface even under high temperature. 

5. Featured by superior anti-oxidization, it produces just a little solder splatter.

6. High temperature alloy solder is widely utilized in welding components for radio, communication equipments, meters, instruments, etc.

7. Due to good malleability, the internal stress (caused by thermal expansion) is reduced. 


Solidus and liquidus vary with different high temperature alloy solders
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