Low Mid temperature Alloy Solder

Low Mid temperature Alloy Solder


Like many other solder materials, the low-mid temperature alloy solder is used for soldering aluminum metal and alloys, and to some lesser extent steel and zinc. It is a lead free solder whose principal element is SN. Its mechanical soldering is similar to a low temperature brazing operation, in that the mechanical characteristics of the joint are reasonably good. Besides, this alloy solder can be used for structural repairs of those materials.


1. Low-mid temperature alloy solder has good brazing effect and great fluidity.

2. The mechanical performance is perfect.

3. After welding, this lead free solder has high reliability and fine thermal fatigue property.

4. The low-mid temperature alloy solder can be compatible with all copper-based radiator solder alloys and lead solders.

5. With this solder, repairs are stronger than original joint and have a higher melting point than original joint. It is excellent for radiator repair.


Type Low-mid temperature alloy solder has two subclasses as follows.

(1) Sn91Zn9 Alloy Solder Bar (Tin Zinc Alloy Solder Bar)

(2) Sn89ZnBi3 Solder Bar (Tin Zinc Bismuth Alloy Solder Bar)                  


Different alloys have different solidus and liquidus melting points. Please refer to the following pictures. 
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