Low Temperature Alloy Solder

Low Temperature Alloy Solder


Low temperature alloy solder are generally used for carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, nickel and copper-nickel. Low temperature alloy solders are most often brazed without flux in a furnace with protective reducing atmosphere. But they may be used in conjunction with flux if base metals are difficult to reduce oxides when being brazed. It can be applied in radios, communication tools, instruments, etc. Low temperature alloy solder preforms are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You have opportunity to choose from a huge selection of brazing wire, brazing rod, and brazing strip products in Lichuang.


1.  Low temperature alloy solder features low melting point, which prevents thermal degradation of heat sensitive components.

2.  This type of lead free solder bar and wire is mainly popular for its non-toxic.

3. A wide variety of diameters are available for Sn42Bi58 tin bismuth alloy solder.

4.  Little slag is generated during soldering process, and it is easy to be cleaned by hot air.

5. Alloy solders with different metallic ingredients can be customized according to your requirements.

6. It also features good fluidity and wettability and excellent mechanical performance.

7. Different solder shapes are available, such as solder bar and wire.

8. The soldering joint is of smooth surface.

Types of Low Temperature Alloy Solder

(1) Bi58Sn42 Sn-Bi Solder Bar and Wire (Tin Bismuth Alloy Solder)

(2) In52Sn48 Sn-In Solder Bar and Wire (Tin Indium Alloy Solder)

Different alloy solders have different solidus and liquidus temperatures
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