Beyond lead-free solders, Lichuang also sells BGA solder ball, solder tip thinner, tin dross reduction powder and solder wire tube.

1.BGA Solder Ball

The BGA (ball grid array package) solder ball, or lead-free solder ball is used to replace the pin in IC component package structure, meeting the demand of electrical interconnection and mechanical connection. The solder balls are usually applied to digital cameras, MP3/4, laptops, mobile phones, LED, home theatre, etc.

2.Solder Tip Thinner

After years of research and investigation, Lichuang launches solder tip tinner or cleaner which is good at renewing the oxidized tip. It produces little smoke and pungent smell.

3.Tin Dross Reduction Powder

The tin dross reduction power is a sort of while powder substance made up from inorganic reductant and some organic reductant. And it does not contain hazardous heavy metal elements, such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury.

4.Solder Wire Tube

Lichuang soldering wire tube features little smoke, little pungent odor, few residues and high insulation resistance. It is bright and clear from dust.

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