Sn Cu Lead Free Solder Bar

Sn Cu Lead Free Solder Bar


Sn-Cu lead-free solder bars are commonly used in soldering metal equipments, copper tubes, copper plates, and so on. Adopting lead-free technology, it is environmentally friendly. Besides, our Sn99.3Cu0.7 solder enjoys finer grain structure and shinier surface than the conventional ones. As eutectic alloy, Sn-Cu solder rod has the melting point of227°C.


1. Diameter of this Sn-Cu lead-free solder bar is more than0.2 mm.

2. It possesses a relatively low melting point.

3. High anti-oxidization makes only a little tin slag come into being.

4. Compared with conventional Sn99Cu1 alloys, this Sn99.3Cu0.7 solder shows advantages of low metal dissolution rate.

5. Optimum working temperatures ranges from260°Cto270°C.

6. Sn-Cu lead-free solder bar features good mechanical properties, strong thermal fatigue resistance, good fluidity, superior wetting characteristics and excellent soldering performance.

Parameters of Sn-Cu Solder Rod






Applicable Process




It features low melting point ,low using temperature, strong anti-oxidation property, good solder ability and thermal fatigue resistance. The surface of solder joints is bright and glazed, it is mainly used for manual soldering and wave soldering.

Manual Soldering,

Wave Soldering



It is featured with low melting point, high using temperature, high anti-oxidation. It is mainly used for the disposable soldering for the stripping of enamelled wires.

Manual Soldering



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