Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 Solder

Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 Solder


1. Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder bars and wires are specially used in soldering temperature sensitive components, LEDs and many other electronic units.

2. Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 solder can also be utilized in step soldering.

3. This solder features excellent wettability, great thermal fatigue resistance, etc.

4. Our Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder bars and wires are formulated to reduce solder dross in the solder bath.

5. Its solidus is217 ℃, and liquidus is219 ℃.

6. Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 solder is available in both hand soldering and wave soldering.

Parameters of Sn-Ag-Cu Lead-Free Solder Bars and Wires (Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5)

Alloy Composition

Melting Point (℃)

Specific Gravity



Hand Soldering and Wave Soldering







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