Sn95Cu4Ag1 Solder

Sn95Cu4Ag1 Solder


Unlike other Sn-Cu-Ag Pb free alloy solders, the Sn95Cu4Ag1 solder wire/bar is specially utilized in precise soldering work for computer chips, mobile phone chips, stainless steel products, LED, PCBs, and so on. Meanwhile, it is suitable for restoration of mini-sized electronic equipments.


1. Active rosin flux in this Sn-Cu-Ag Pb free alloy solder ranges from 1.5% to 2.5%. 

2. Wire diameter is0.8 mm. Each reel of solder wire is0.5 kg.

3. It is specially used in PCB and SMD repairing work.

4. Sn95Cu4Ag1 solder wire/bar features good solder ability, strong fatigue resistance and anti-oxidization. .

5. Soldering joint by this Sn-Cu-Ag Pb free alloy solder can produce high resistivity.

6. The three kinds of metal elements are combined in this alloy such as to endows the solder with a high melting point.

7. Solder joints are bright and glossy.

Physical Properties of Sn-Cu-Ag Pb Free Alloy Solders (Sn95Cu4Ag1)

Alloy Component

Melting Point (℃)

Tensile Strength (g/cm3)

Rigidity (HB)

Heat Conductivity (M.S.K)

Tensile Strength


Elongation Rate


Electric Conductivity, (%)









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